Take The Plunge Into Patient Experience!
(Value $1,500)
In this deep dive into the patient experience, you will discover:
Where resistance to change might be strongest for you and your organisation
How patient safety issues impact your unique patient experiences from the beginning
Why critical pathways in the patient experience are often the best starting target points for improvement
How mindset underpins patient safety and experiences and impacts the ability to save time, money and stress

Join Alan Forbes as he dives into the world of providers, patients and the organizations which serve them both and moves beyond any barriers to create an improved patient-centric experience that is second to none.

Making deep changes to the patient experience in your organization takes concentrated effort from all the players involved and carries with it a certain amount of risk. It is hard to believe that there is a way to manifesting these changes that benefit your patients and your organization as a whole, without sacrificing your personal values and goals in the process.

Your situation is definitely unique, with individual challenges and obstacles to investigate, and yet it also requires looking at those issues in conjunction with strategies set forth by your organization. The road to quality patient experience is not always easy or straightforward, and it requires commitment to drill to the core of any issues, so the negative impacts on your patients, your organization and yourself can be identified, reduced, and ultimately improved.