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Australia’s most experience healthcare consultants who empower teams to organisational transformation to reach better patient experiences.

Patient Experience Group aligns the vision of healthcare organisations with the patient experience. Our methodology works with organisations to gather data from individual team members, identify inefficiencies and find problems hiding in plain sight. Communicating a plan to improve empowers teams to work together and creates a brighter future for the organisation. We all agree that patients matter, let us teach you how to show them.

Leaders Pathway To Patient Flow Visibility

It’s important that we make our first moves with the change-makers of your organisation. By starting with leaders first: we can come to a shared understanding, with common goals.

We are not in the business of telling organisations what they need to do, but we do find out what it is you are trying to achieve by working with your leaders directly.

  • It will empower your team through clear communication
  • It will fast-track results through a top-down approach
  • We deliver organisations transformation programs that work to deliver results
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Making the Patient Experience Visible

Real visibility of patient experience starts by laying out a detailed picture of what is happening from end to end. Through the discovery of truths, you can objectively observe and collect data to diagnose the problem correctly providing your organisation with a clear pathway for the future patient experience.

  • We meet with the leadership group to ensure buy-in of the project and determine who owns the patient experience
  • We observe and document “How The Work Works” – without prejudice
  • We lay out a detailed picture of what is happening from end to end of your organisation so the impact becomes visible.
  • We identify the missing pieces of your process to ensure there are no surprises left in all scenarios through the discovery of truths.

Patient Experience Roadmap

Here’s where we build the plan. Now that we have insight about what is going on, we develop a strategy based on-the-ground fact. Processes can often be extremely difficult to develop when you’re building something new or different from what you’ve done before. In these situations, a common pitfall is to copy what another organisation have done.

  • We identify with common sense by questioning ‘Why are we doing this?” and “What is inhibiting patient outcomes?
  • We will challenge your mindset by keeping the focus on the patient first
  • We will distill the facts to build a ‘new’ patient-centric purpose
  • We will recreate or remove organisational policies that do not meet the needs from a new patient-derived purpose
  • We will create effective workflows that are guided by newly rewritten policies directly delivering to your organisation new patient purpose
  • We will define WHO is responsible for each task to ensure the right people, are in the right place, at the right time

Making the Patient Experience Real

Building or renewing parts of your organisation requires significant planning and expertise if you are looking to focus on improving patient experiences as a part of your transformation. The benefits from getting this right include growth, quality improvements, and most of all, positive patient experiences that are worth their weight in gold!

  • We define success by visually monitoring the progress through goal management and a scoreboard system
  • We ensure you have the right people in the right roles to reduce knowledge gaps, encourage workflows and putting the focus on the patients experience
  • We live test the strategy to validate that we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
  • We develop communication and ticketing tools to capture informational data for analysis of success.