12-month Strategy Advisory Service

From: $12,000.00 (ex. GST) / month for 12 months

Are you seeking the best outcomes for your organisation, staff, and patients? Choose our Strategy Advisory Service to achieve the best for them.
With the help of this service, identify opportunities around:
  • Reducing costs across your organisation
  • Improving patient experience metrics
  • Enhancing your ability to service patients
  • Identifying gaps in your technology and solutions
What’s included:
  • Scheduled weekly one-hour strategy meeting with you to unpack your issues and opportunities in detail
  • Unlimited access via phone and email to support your experience improvements and strategy
  • Support for your leadership team on any strategy and patient experience challenges they may have

Gain the insight you need to grow and improve your healthcare service delivery with these services. You will be supported and guided to achieve better experience outcomes without drastic changes to your people, processes, or technologies.

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